7 Best Times to Post on Instagram to Get the Most Likes

7 Best Times to Post on Instagram to Get the Most Likes

Is there really a Best Times to Post on Instagram. So your photos and videos get more views, likes, and comments? There is no recipe for success when it comes to your Instagram pictures.But there are few tips to give your instagram posts and photos the best chance of doing well. Lets have a look how instagram algorithm works

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The Instagram Algorithm and What It Means

Instagram is now rearranging user’s feeds to show them what it thinks. They want to see first rather than showing them all the most recent posts in the order of when they were posted. This algorithm means that you could post something at a particular time.And still have it seen by many of your followers or perhaps hardly any of your followers at all. Depending on how much or how little they interact with your content.

The order of posts on instagram in user’s feed will be based on the likelihood. That they’re interested in the posts, their relationships with the accounts they follow and the timeliness of the posts. So, although interaction now affects how posts show up in the feed. Timeliness is still certainly relevant – perhaps just not quite as relevant as before the algorithm rollout.

7 Best Times to Post on Instagram to Get the Most Likes

The exact best time for your business will be unique to your individual business. No matter what the data says. There are some general best times to post on Instagram that you can use as guidelines to test out. Lets read out what we found from research…

To target international audiences, the best times to post on Instagram fall around 2AM and 5PM EST which is when most people on the app will be online. 10AM and 6PM EST were the two worst times to post for engagement.
Posting either before work (between 7-9AM in your time zone) or after it (starting as early as 5PM) can help you catch users while they’re commuting and getting settled in for the day.

7 Best Times to post on Instagram to get the most likes

It’s pretty easy to see where some of the information starts to get muddled. There’s a lot of conflicting advice, and if you dig deeper into the research. You’ll only find more of that instead of less. However, there is one thing that most studies agree on: weekdays are often the best days to posts. If we talk about Best days for instagram post to get more likes are Monday and Thursdays are the best days to post on Instagram. In addition, Wednesdays are good and Sundays are awful. The explanation is that much fewer people are posting at that time so anyone online is much more likely to engage with your content. Also, posts at that time should be there for all to see when they wake up in the morning and open the app. These averages over the week did vary from day-to-day, though, and it was found that there were different best times to post throughout the week.

Weekly Schedule to Post on Instagram

Monday: 7pm and 10pm

Tuesday: 3am and 10pm

Wednesday: 5pm

Thursday: 7am and 11pm

Friday: 1am and 8pm

Saturday: 12am and 2am

Sunday: 5pm

Whilst, I’ve personally found Friday to be low on engagement. I overall agree with this assessment from my own experience.

These stats are clearly garnered from a wide range of accounts and they might not be entirely relevant to your audience. So if you want to maximize those likes then post on Instagram at these times – although, as mentioned, success is not guaranteed but this will surely increase your posts likes and comments.

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