20 Most Funny Valentines Day Quotes

Funny Valentines Day Quotes

Valentine’s day is all about putting a smile on someone you care about. Is the perfect occasion to tease your lover with the naughty humor of these Valentine’s Day quotes. Here we have chosed the 20 Most Funny Valentines Day Quotes that will make everybody laugh on this special day. Choose the right quote that suits the person you are going to send this funny valentines quotes image.

Sometimes you want to be bold and move away from the traditional valentine’s practice where all people want to send are plain love quotes. Sometimes you want to send a valentines message to just a friend or family which is not necessarily mushy. You want to make it funny, enjoyable and adventurous and you just know they will love it. There is nothing that does the trick more than to throw bits of humor in it that will leave the receiver completely cracked. It can either be sick humor or plain humor depending on the recipient. We will show you just how to bring out the joke without comprising on the theme of the day with our list of funny valentine’s day quotes. If you want to win your lover’s heart, use humor.

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Valentines Day -Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day is the time when love is in the air. Your social media feeds are likely blowing up with Valentine’s Day captions, photos of couples holding hands and romantic couple images. If all of this brings a sappy smile to your face, no judgment here! Embrace the season of romance and click through our lovey-dovey collection of Valentine’s Day quotes. Perhaps your relationship status is happily single, or you’re in a committed relationship but still here for the laughs. Or maybe you’re the snarky kind of person who can’t help but roll your eyes every time the Valentine’s Day jewelry store commercials come on. Well, guess what? You’re in luck. It’s okay to laugh at love—because sometimes, as these quotes prove, love is just plain funny. (Check out our Valentine’s Day puns and cute love quotes too!)

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Is Valentine’s Day Funny?

Sure, Valentine’s Day can be a tough proposition if you don’t currently have someone to share it with, but even so, it helps to try to keep a sense of humor about things. Who knows? By next year, your situation might change.

Even for those in love, humor and romance are not mutually exclusive. In fact, some people actually consider humor to be an aphrodisiac. Like Marilyn Monroe, one of the 20th century’s most iconic sex symbols, so aptly said, “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” In that spirit, here are some lighthearted quotes for this big-hearted holiday.

20 Most Funny Valentines Day Quotes to Make Everybody Laugh

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Funny Valentines Day Quotes

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Funny Valentines Day Quotes

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