Children’s Day in China (Get Free Gifts, Coupons & Discounts)

Children’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world. Every year we celebrate Children’s Day in China on 1st June, it is a great day to us because children are the future custodians of the nation, and thus providing them with a good family, social, and educational environment is a goal ardently worked for by every nation. For this reason it is great time for celebration so enjoy this beautiful day with your friends and dear ones also wishes them a wonderful and happy Children’s Day.

Children's Day in China
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Origin of Children’s Day

In August 1925, some 54 representatives from different countries gathered together in Geneva, Switzerland to convene the first “World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children”, during which the “Geneva Declaration Protecting Children” was passed. The proclamation made a strong appeal for the spiritual needs of children, relief for children in poverty, prevention of child labor, reassessing the way that children are educated and other issues related to the welfare of children around the world.

After the conference, various governments around the world designated a day, different in each country, as Children’s Day, to encourage and bring joy to children as well as to draw the attention of society to children’s issues.

Many countries like China chose to celebrate the International Children’s Day on June 1, which has been established in November 1949 at the International Democratic Women’s League Council held in Moscow. The Day, which is also called the First of June, is explained as “an international memorial day that exists upon the purpose of securing lives and rights of children and encouraging their happiness and health”.

How Chinese Celebrate Children’s Day

Childrens’ Day is  a day to highlight the dignity of children and their need for love, care, and respect, and instill in the children a sense of independence and national pride, so we hope you will do something special with children on that day or organise a special event in your workplace or community. The most important gift an adult can give to a child is the ‘gift of time’.

Children's Day in China
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Happy Childrens Day 2018 🙂