Transferring large files securely has never been easier! Experience large file transfer capability and boost in performance with us.
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a widely used functionality on the internet which enables you to transfer large files safely to anywhere in the world. It is a preferred method for uploading and downloading files on the internet. sftp hosting
IT Company Australia is the largest Cloud FTP Hosting service provider, offering full Featured FTP servers to our valued customers. Most importantly, it is cohesive with our Cloud IT services and much better than any in-house FTP server.
Business FTP Hosting with a Web Control Panel
With IT Company Australia you will be able to use/experience our top-notch Cloud FTP services and enjoy our outstanding customer assistance, along with a multitude of features and FREE extras!
If you are running an online business or wish to start a personal WordPress blog, photo gallery, a joomla CMS, a small website or a large eCommerce store; and are looking to establish an online presence then definitely you need Cloud Web Hosting with IT Company Australia.
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Microsoft Office 365
MS Office 365 is a powerful cloud based Microsoft Office solution, which combines communication, security features and collaboration at a very affordable cost. The ability for collaboration, web conferencing, instant messaging and e-mail within MS office 365 enables customers to use the latest productivity applications and reduce your IT expenses, providing you peace of mind.
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