Living Through Alchemy Book | Vi Vi Thai

Alchemy is in everything and it is inevitable. By having the awareness of alchemy, it is easier to understand where we are in life, to have higher perspective, let go of control, and go with the flow of life effortlessly rather than pushing against the current, so we can have more joy in life and enjoy it for the way it is. In this book of personal growth, I’m sharing my personal story as I go through the stages of alchemy.
This book is born through the marriage of art and science, through the tempering process of my spiritual knowledge and practical living experience.
Living Through Alchemy is the blood and soul of who I am as I’ve gone through this journey of life. It took a huge amount of courage and vulnerability to share my personal journey of letting go societal, parental and cultural expectations as I learn what freedom is. Through a combination of Alchemy, Tarot Wisdom and living in higher consciousness, I outline each stage and the lessons learned. I believe that through sharing my story is how I can help you to reflect on your journey of growth.
Understanding the stages of the alchemical process can help us navigate through life by looking at the circumstance we’re in at a higher perspective with a different point of view so that we know where we are and where we’re heading while not attaching ourselves to an outcome.
Artfully written with a deeply authentic and spiritual tone, Living Through Alchemy seeks to dispel the myths behind alchemy, shining an illuminating light on this fascinating esoteric practice. As the culmination of a lifetime of soul searching, this guide blends the fields of art and science, painting a compelling picture of how alchemy manifests in our daily lives – along with how we can tap into this natural process of evolution to transform our minds and wellbeing.
Through a combination of philosophy, Tarot wisdom, and ancient myth, Living Through Alchemy serves as a heartfelt tribute to the life-changing potential of alchemy, reflecting on author Vi Vi Thai’s courageous journey to escape the chains of expectation and discover the meaning of freedom for herself. Featuring bonus journal prompts to help guide and encourage readers along their personal path to transformation, this book inspires and challenges you to understand the true nature of alchemy and how it can help you develop a deeper understanding of both yourself and the world. Inside, you’ll discover: The Truth Behind Alchemy – Where Science Meets Art and Mysticism The Surprising Scientific and Psychological Roots Behind Alchemy What Ancient Cultures Have To Tell Us About The Nature of Reality Exploring The Wisdom of Tarot Cards and The Hero’s Journey Practical Journal Prompts and Lessons For Self-Reflection and Personal Growth And Much More…
Perfect for truth-seekers, the curious, and anybody who wants to learn more about alchemy, Living Through Alchemy is a fascinating mixture of memoir and practical wisdom, encouraging readers to find greater joy in life, let go of obsessive control, and accept the endless flow of transformation that makes up our world.
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