Hospice Houston consists of a medically directed, interdisciplinary team-managed program of services that focuses on the patient and their family. Hospice is the gold standard method of caring for people at the stage of a terminal illness when no further curative or life-prolonging therapy is available or wished to be pursued by a patient or family member. Hospice services can assist the family (as well as family caregivers) in making the patient as comfortable as possible by optimizing pain and symptom management and other forms of physical and/or spiritual suffering as needed in a home or home-like setting. hospices in houston

Is Hospice the Same as Supportive Palliative Care?

Hospice care focuses on the patient and families’ needs to ensure they are comfortable and treated with dignity near the end of the patient’s life. This is different than supportive palliative care which focuses on improving quality of life while still actively pursuing and engaging in treatments that can potentially be curative or life-prolonging. hospice care in houston in patient hospice houston

Where Are Services Provided?

Hospice eligibility criteria can offer pain relief, comfort and support to patients and their families. You can receive hospice services wherever you reside, but it most commonly happens at the home. Here is best hospice in houston and a list of some of the places where services are offered:
  • palliative care in houston
  • Nursing home
  • Assisted-living center
  • Intermediate care facility
  • Group home
  • Hospice in-patient facility
  • Hospital