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Shop premium semi-cured & high-tech gel nail strips by Danni & Toni. Made of high quality real gel, your fingernails will never be damaged and colors will last for a long time. Paired with a 6w UV nail light, DT self-adhesive nail wraps are perfect for women, children, and everyone who loves flexible and fun nails. Will you be taking into consideration an easy nail structure but with a touch of elegance? This is a great choice for you. Not All people likes prolonged wedding nails. Which can be wonderful. This could be a good shorter and simple nail layout for you. The two sorts require many layers of polish that need to have curing underneath a special lamp. And you probably have to shell out a professional to eliminate these difficult polishes. But fuss-free nails could be worthy of the price. If you looking for the place where to buy nail strips then you are at perfect place.  

What We Offer:

  • wedding nails
  • french tip nails
  • pedicure nails
  • manicure nails


Enjoy great savings on our most popular gel manicure and pedicure nail strips, on sale for great prices! Be sure to stock up today while the limited supplies last.

About Dani Toni:

Dani Toni is a leader in semi-cured glaze gel nails, Danni & Toni creates top quality manicure and pedicure strips – as well as other accessories that showcase your creativity and fun. We also provide one-on-one stylists for your assistance, whether for everyday use or special events like wedding nails. For more information regarding semi-cured nails visit our website: https://www.dannitoni.com/